278/32/18 , Tầm Vu , Hưng Lợi , Ninh Kiều , Cần Thơ

Susan Mekong Delta Cooking Classes

The best way to discover Mekong delta

It has its own foods in every place , , especially  Viet Nam . The foods are different from North to South . In the North , the food is a bit less flavor . In the middle ,  the food is a bit salty and a bit sweeter than in the south . Also Mekong Delta is a place that the people eat more vegies and flowers than other places in Viet nam . Today we open cooking classes for you to show you how to cook Mekong Delta foods . Not only cooking the food but also show you how to choose the good vegies ,meat or stuffs to cook . And If you dont have that ingredients in your country . we also show you how to choose the replace one .

After the cooking class you will learn :

How to cook Mekong Delta foods

How to choose the good ingreadents 

How to choose the replace ingredients if you dont that ingredient in your country .

We have many opinion for you to do the cooking classes .

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Hope to cook with you soon

Many Thanks

Can Tho Touring with Susan Team

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