278/32/18 , Tầm Vu , Hưng Lợi , Ninh Kiều , Cần Thơ

Floating Market and Cyling Tour

The best way to discover Mekong delta

Cai Rang Floating market and cycling in villages to see mekong life and VC secret base 

It is more or less  8 hours . start at 5.30 am .

_ Visit Cai Rang floating market by small boat , the biggest floating market in Viet nam .  Enjoy  Vietnamese breakfast at Cai Rang floating market .( Floating breakfast ).

_Visit rice noodle family  factory  .

-_Visit  the fruit garden

_ Then get bycicle to diacover villages to mekong life

_ Visit  the historic vc base in the ficus forest where you can see trees over 100 year .

_ Then get the ferry like locals  to Visit  organic cacao farm  . You will see how the cacao trees grow and will learn how to make chocolate by Vietnamese . Then you will have chance to taste the real chocolate , fresh chocolate fruits, chocolate bar, ca cao nibs .

_ Visit the Vietnamese Buhdish temple to learn something about Buhdish religion .

-_Get back  to enjoy lunch .

Then taxi back to the city .

For more information please contact us at canthotouring@gmail.com

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