Cai Rang Floating market and cycling in villages to see mekong life and VC secret base 

It is more or less  8 hours . start at 5.30 am .

_ Visit Cai Rang floating market by small boat , the biggest floating market in Viet nam .  Enjoy  Vietnamese breakfast at Cai Rang floating market .( Floating breakfast ).

_Visit rice noodle family  factory  .

-_Visit  the fruit garden

_ Then get bycicle to diacover villages to mekong life

_ Visit  the historic vc base in the ficus forest where you can see trees over 100 year .

_ Then get the ferry like locals  to Visit  organic cacao farm  . You will see how the cacao trees grow and will learn how to make chocolate by Vietnamese . Then you will have chance to taste the real chocolate , fresh chocolate fruits, chocolate bar, ca cao nibs .

_ Visit the Vietnamese Buhdish temple to learn something about Buhdish religion .

-_Get back  to enjoy lunch .

Then taxi back to the city .

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