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10 Jun 2018

Susan Mekong Delta Cooking Classes

It has its own foods in every place , , especially  Viet Nam . The foods are different from North to South . In the North , the food is a bit less flavor . In the middle ,  the food is a bit salty and a bit sweeter than in the south . Also Mekong Delta is a place that […]

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15 Apr 2018

Mekong Delta Homestay Tour

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15 Apr 2018

Mekong Delta fruits

Mekong Delta is a place that is good for fruits and vegertable . Today I will tell you about a special fruit that is only have season once year in May , June , July  . As you know Durian is a king of fruit in Asian . The fruit that I am going to talk about is the queen […]

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9 Sep 2017

About me the girl who was born in Mekong Delta

              I was born in a farmer’s family . My parents have grown rice for years even now . Then I grew up and went school . But every day I have to walk the rice felds to come to school . Sometimes I wanted to stop stuidying beacuse the way to go to […]

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1 Jul 2017


    Hi my name is Susan (Thao). I have been working as a tour guide for 6 years offering personalized tours around the Can Tho city of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.  My degree in college was in Tourism and English.  I am an adept guide and speak English fluently  I look forward to being a part of your […]